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Hi there!

I'm Peter William Popple (formerly under the artist name Peter McDonald)

a Melbourne-based freelance illustrator, animator, and designer with a passion for creative and quirky projects.


​After having taught into the field of animation and game design at RMIT

for five years I decided 2020 was the year I take the big plunge into full time freelance. What a time it has been!

This year I have been working on a series of books with Scholastic that I’m looking forward to sharing soon. I’ve also been working on a short TV series for ABC Me, cover designs for some scientific journals, character designs for many animated projects along with a wealth of passion projects of my own.

If you would like to work together or collaborate on an upcoming project,

I’d love to hear from you!


Client Work

I love to collaborating on all manner of different projects whether traditional, digital, static or animated. Below are some of my most recent, shareable works.

Pencil Pals streaming on iview


Recently I had the pleasure of working on a short animated TV series for ABC Me, created by Pirate Size Productions. I was key illustrator for the 2D segments of each episode.

All episodes can be streamed on ABC iview.

Seaweed shop
Dragon eating steak
Boy eating socks
Pair of shoes


In 2020 I had the opportunity to collaborate with an up and coming screenwriter, Bucky, on his project Outback Warriors. 

As part of the development of a pitch bible, I designed a full cast of characters and concept art for the broader world.

Reach out to Bucky Andrews for more
information on the project.

Outback Warriors title
Outback Warriors - heroes
Outback Warriors - villains
Sunset outback
The lonely gumtree
Kylie character development
Chop character development
Nev character development
Stem Cell cover design
Nature Medicine cover design


Featured here are a couple of cover designs for different scientific journals that I have illustrated for Patton'd Studios.


Working with the team over at Smoosh Creative, I was tasked with designing a cast of characters for a DHHS explainer video. 


While the video has not yet been released, you can have a squiz at some of the characters here!

DHHS explainer character designs


Further work for my friends in Triberg, this time for their side hustle that translates loosely to Retail Triberg. A social community for the store owners in the small Black Forest town.

I was commissioned to do some artwork that included all the key stores from the neighborhood, taking necessary liberties in layout to fit everyone in!


In 2019 my partner and I had the opportunity to do some illustration work in the Black Forest in Germany. We were working with a small independent school that teaches English language - Kinderleicht Englisch. We were tasked with illustrating the world of The Little Troll and all his local Triberg friends. 

The style had been developed prior to us coming on board, our role was to develop all manner of additional assets for English learning activities.



Our Friend Bloom

In 2019 I worked with the Pirate Size Productions team, assisting on some animation for a short that was commissioned by Sesame Studios.





As part of my warm up into a working day, I challenge myself to do a quick drawing from a written prompt. The goal to get out ideas quick a loose, while trying to tell a bite sized funny story. Above are some of my favourites.


These are a sample of the Zines I have made annually for the Festival of the Photocopier, a Melbourne event run by Sticky Institute.
More information about these and my many other zines are available in my shop.



Passion Projects

When not working on projects for clients, I work on my own illustration and animation. Below are some of my most passionate of passion projects.


If you'd like to discuss a creative project, collaboration or just want to say howdy, feel free to get in touch.


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